Technical Support

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The experience acquired throughout our history is processed in a constantly growing database, which allows us to analyze trends and be ahead of the equipment maintenance needs.

Remanufacturaded Components

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We collect defective components in order to repair them “as new” with the same warranty and durability. Their price, quality, and part reuse relation makes them very competitive among the market, reducing the waste left in the environment.

Spare Parts

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Filters: designed to extend components’ service life. Their technology provides better filtration, which reduces their environmental impact and prevents component wear.

Oils and greases: developed under global standards and regulations for these products. They have better results than others of their kind in terms of viscosity and density.

Coolants: designed to extend components’ service life and replacement period according to use conditions and environment, obtaining the best life cycle cost.

Batteries: provide durability and power for the equipment due to their specific characteristics and designs for every machine.


Original parts: Komatsu parts and parts from the brands it represents are manufactured with materials selected under strict quality controls and the highest technology.

New components: manufactured in their own factories or through third parties. They have a strict quality control, technology, thorough selection of materials and design.

Used components: Remanufactured, repaired and used components for the equipment models sold in our represented brands.

Hoses: The complete line of original hoses complies with the equipment’s design specifications. Provide more reliability and safety for the operator.

Own consignments of those of our clients: Consignments in customer’s storages which can be managed by the personnel of KCH or of the customer.

Supplier consignments: Supplier consignments are a great mechanism to share the “risk” of maintaining low turnover products in stock.


New and used track chain and roller assemblies. Different thermal treatment according to the hardness needed for the function performed. Different hardness levels resist abrasion while enduring the equipment’s own impact and bending. Preventive maintenance guaranteed through regular measuring. Reduction of operational costs.


Manufactured with thermally treated selected materials which have the best technology for a better durability, high shock resistance and use in the most severe conditions. Allows to extend the component’s life and reduce drastically costs per hour.


With the best technology and innovation, a strict quality control for their materials and production procedures, they offer the customer the best option in terms of replacement or repairing due to its unrivaled price-cost relation per hour.


Designed and planned for specific load applications, they can include field maintenance and repairing service, overhauls are performed in garages and the company has the spare and wear parts.


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