We are committed with quality and reliability

We go beyond the quality of our equipment and we define it as our main priority, especially for all our daily activities. While heading to the future, we do not give up quality.



We appreciate and value the opinion of our clients and work actively to give them products with which they feel totally satisfied.


Root Cause Definition

We focus in identifying the origin of problems in order to correct them. This way, we can confidently pinpoint its origin and prevent them from occurring again.


Gemba Philosophy (workplace)

Workplaces (Gemba) provide information to build the base of our policies, improvement plans and other key initiatives. Therefore, we understand what is happening at the workplace by making that information “visible”; a great tool to improve continuously our company.


Policy implementation

When senior management defines policies, our employees must understand their roles, the definition of their tasks, carry out their activity plan and follow-up the implementation of their own initiatives.


Collaboration with Business Partners

All our areas work collaboratively to solve problems, improve operations, share the practical experience and lead business with total knowledge of our corporative social responsibilities.


Human Resources Developing

Employees are Komatsu’s most valuable capital. While they grow and learn, the company benefits from their knowledge.

logo-kwayOur DNA

Komatsu Way, is a value statement from Komatsu Group, through which we commit to maintain Quality and Reliability.


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