Komtrax is Komatsu’s remote monitoring system.

Providing you with access to equipment-specific data, enabling worksite management through a newly updated and improved user interface.

This service is exclusive for Komatsu customers.

A world of possibilities with Komtrax.


Permanent monitoring

Permanent monitoring

Komtrax allows you to monitor your Komatsu equipment directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet, ensuring access to essential information at any time.

Komtrax helps you make strategic decisions

Komtrax helps you make strategic decisions

This platform helps you make strategic business decisions based on your operations and data delivered by your equipment.

Know the details of your operations

Know the details of your operations

With Komtrax you keep track of specific fuel consumption, actual working hours or idle times of your equipment, as well as plan maintenance, optimizing operating costs.

Differentiated reports

Differentiated reports

With Komtrax you can get reports of different indicators to correct or enhance the performance of your equipment and operators during working days, reducing the total life cost of your equipment.

Komtrax for construction equipment
State-of-the-art remote monitoring system

Komtrax is the state-of-the-art remote monitoring system for Komatsu construction equipment, which leverages data from information communication technology (ICT) based on satellite networks and recently on cellular networks (KICSi machines).

Wherever your equipment is operating, Komtrax constantly checks operating conditions and status to help you maximize safety, productivity, uptime and equipment availability.

You can also customize your interface to meet your own fleet requirements, project management and evaluate the performance of each piece of equipment. And because Komtrax constantly monitors the location of each piece of equipment, it is a vital tracking tool.

How does Komtrax work?

A GPS satellite provides positional information to your unit in the field.

Your equipment's Komtrax unit or terminal collects engine and location data and sends it to the NGK Komtrax Server via satellite or mobile (depending on the unit).

The Komtrax data center stores and distributes information throughout the life of the unit.

You can access all information from the NGK Komtrax Server via the Internet.


The information Komtrax delivers will vary depending on the model and technology of the Komatsu equipment. Below is a list of the information your unit can provide. Contact your local authorized Komatsu distributor for the specific information your unit is capable of reporting.

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Manage equipment productivity and efficiency.
  • Monitor usage to avoid equipment failures.
  • Maximize uptime and reliability.
  • Know the working status of your unit and its productivity.

The information Komtrax provides will vary by Komatsu equipment model. Below is a list of the information your unit can provide. Contact your local authorized Komatsu distributor for the specific information your unit is capable of reporting.

  • SMR: Service Meter Reading.
  • GPS: Physical location identification.
  • Geofencing established for your units.
  • Actual fuel consumption / average fuel consumption per hour / residual fuel level.
  • Alert Dashboard.
  • Maintenance reminders / notifications.
  • Six-digit abnormality code.
  • Forced lockout / "night" lockout / calendar lockout.
  • Position report generated by unusual unit movement.
  • Actual working hours (periods of engine operation throughout the day).
  • Working hours of implements.
  • Hours of operation in each work mode (economy, power, breaker, lifting), including: digging hours, travel hours, hammer use hours, hydraulic relief hours, eco-mode use hours, load frequency (hours spent at four different load levels, determined by pump pressures or engine torque).
Komtrax Single Sign-On (SSO)

We are pleased to announce to all our Komtrax customers the launch of Komtrax Single Sign-On or SSO. A single sign-on system, it simplifies access to the platform by using multifactor authentication instead of the standard process, which required username and password.

What is multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication, also known as two-step verification, provides additional security by using a second form of authentication through a variety of user-friendly methods: phone call, text message code or mobile application-based verification. Komtrax SSO multifactor authentication is managed through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

What are the benefits of Komtrax SSO?

1. Additional security is applied to your account while improving ease of access to the platform.

2. Simplified login process: Once you have registered with Komtrax SSO, entering your username and password to access the system in the future is no longer necessary.

3. With SSO your Komtrax password will also not expire, so there will be no need to reset the password anymore.

As always, if you need a Komtrax account or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your local administrator.

Next Generation Komtrax (NGK)

Next Generation Komtrax Elements (NGK)

The NGK project has been developed in order to solve requests that could not be fulfilled with the existing Komtrax.

This is a description of the NGK system, which includes the NGK server, the KICSi terminal with 4G cellular communication and a new KBA-NGK.

NGK offers overwhelmingly differentiating features of Komatsu products, performing advanced functions by combining with the Next Gen "KICSi GW" Controller.

New KICSi terminal: How is it different from the current Komtrax terminal?

The KICSi terminal (UG200+TG100/TG200) will greatly improve data availability not only because of the sensors and factory developments, but also because the customer will be able, for example, to customize the device by adding new sensors.

The new PC200-10M0 model, among others coming soon, is ready to start enjoying the benefits of the new KICSI terminals across the region, where the user will be able to choose the data he wants, obtaining greater flexibility and frequency through 4G cellular network communication (with Iridium satellite option available).

New NGK server:

One of the big differences with the current Komtrax server is that the NGK server can be connected to an external device. In addition, capacity has been upgraded so that higher frequency and more detailed data can be handled at the request of the customer or distributor. Not only can they use the data through KLTD's Komtrax; the customer and distributor can create their own application through KLTD's API (an API is a set of programming codes that allows applications to communicate with each other).

Disclosure of the API means opening its specification and allowing access to the Komtrax server. An outsourced system developer can get Komtrax data directly from an external application. The New Generation Komtrax brings with it an updated API that is available to customers. We are currently releasing the API for official Komatsu distributors in Latin America.

Both the NGK server and the KICSi terminal are required to enjoy the new functions.

NKG System Overview

Release of commercial applications:

First released in 2020 was the Komtrax dashboard App, a system with dashboard capabilities, designed to monitor your fleet of Komatsu construction machines. Today, with new features built in, alerts can be created concerning actual working hours, fuel residue or idling ratio; setting thresholds for users to receive alerts via email or in-app notifications. You can also use the subscription function if you want to periodically send PDF dashboard content to multiple users.

In order to enjoy the KICSi terminals, a new Komatsu Business Aplication (KBA) will be released with improvements in data display concerning the current equipment (Orbcomm) and incorporation of new data provided by the Komtrax terminal such as: identification of operators with a detailed work report for each of them, a new work mode history (daily / monthly) with the hours in E0, E1, E2, E3, E4 mode and the workload map of the equipment, where you can download the Blow-By pressure detail on a daily basis, among others.

NGK brings important improvements to the Komtrax platform, offering additional benefits, including:

A. Improved interface: With a more user-friendly and intuitive look and feel, you can now browse through the site better. Data is displayed in a more structured and meaningful way so you can quickly understand the content and maximize the value of Komtrax.

B. Fleet Management Dashboard app: The Dashboard app is designed to help you monitor your construction fleet from your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Developed together with Komatsu customers, distributors and Komatsu companies, this app adapts to all user activities, thanks to its intuitive operation.

C. API for customers: Application Programming Interface (API); allows Komtrax data to be integrated into customers' processes and systems. An ISO15143-3 compliant API is provided for data collection and processing.

D. Interactive view with Google Maps: Through the map or satellite view, you can easily view telemetry data on all your Komatsu units. By zooming into the interactive map, you can view your data and review the units' routes.

E. Enhanced search tool: The new website features a unified search field that allows you to enter various criteria, such as model, type, sub-type, serial number, etc. You can also configure the search, which will save you time on future search criteria.

F. Job site management: By tracking each Komatsu unit, you can easily see and manage how many hours it has worked and the amount of fuel it consumes, allowing for better management of your fleet's performance.

G. Turn data into profit: Reports can be turned into invaluable information when making important decisions for your business.

H. Benchmarking: With Komtrax and its vast data set, Komatsu can help you compare your equipment to other equipment in the field and offer advice and training to improve performance.

I. New 3G/4G communication type: With a new sensor, new NGK equipment will change the old communication mode, allowing data flexibility and hardware improvement, increased data variety and high frequency, easier access to other tools.

New NGK API for customers and distributors

An API is a set of definitions and protocols used to develop and integrate application software. API stands for Application Programming Interface.

APIs allow our products and services to communicate with each other, without needing to know how they are implemented. This simplifies application development and saves time and money. APIs give you flexibility; they simplify the design, management and use of applications, and provide opportunities for innovation, which is ideal when designing new tools and products (or managing existing ones).

Turn data into profit by integrating Komtrax information with your business processes and systems. Thanks to Komatsu's data solutions, we can provide an ISO15143-3 compliant API to help with your data reception and processing needs.

The new generation Komtrax brings with it an updated API that has been available for some time to customers with Komatsu machinery. It is now available for both customers and official Komatsu Latin America distributors. All this with a great improvement in the frequency and amount of Komtrax data to which you can have access to manage and use in self-developed applications.

For more details about the API data, click on the following buttons:

API Komatsu NGK

If you would like to learn more about this functionality, please contact the Komtrax administrator at your authorized Komatsu distributor.

For more information:

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