Powerful and Productive

The hydraulic system, undercarriage, frame and all major components have Komatsu’s quality and warranty, delivering to the customer a machine with parts designed to work together and obtain the highest productivity, reliability and versatility.

The WD900-3A has a Komatsu SA12V140 diesel engine, with a 637 kW (853 hp) @2000 rpm.  Net horsepower, Tier II certified, with a higher fuel consumption efficiency and productivity, service capacity and reliability.


Wide cab

A wider cab increases operator’s productivity by offering a better visibility and a greater comfort, with two windows that allow the operator to move across the cab and a better console visibility.

Kick-down Switch

The kick-down switch is conveniently located in the blade controller. A simple movement with the thumb activates this valuable feature.

Automatic transmission

The automatic shift control provides maximum control with minimum effort. The transmission hold switch allows the operator to select automatic and manual gearshift. The unique combination of transmission hold and kick-down switches, in the hydraulic blade controller, provides an optimum control in every condition.


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