Economy and Comfort

This equipment produces low noise levels and has a low fuel consumption during operations.Large capacity viscous cab mounts with excellent damping performance are used to mount the cab. They reduce cab vibration significantly and provide comfortable cab space with superb quietness and less vibrations

The high performance Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 engine complies with EPA Tier II regulations. It also has a 879 kW /  1,178  hp @ 1,900 rpm  net flywheel power.



It has a VHPC (Variable horse power control) and selectable reverse gears: RH pr RL, anti-pitching 4-wheel oil-cooled multiple disc retarder (AP-FOUR). It also has AISS systems (Automatic idling) and ARSC (Automatic retarder speed control). The truck has a highly rigid frame and a 10.1 m minimum turning radius.

The ABS system Anti-lock braking system), the ASR regulator (Automatic spin regulator) and a pay-load meter can be optionally installed.

Wide and spacious cab

The machine has a wide, spacious and ergonomically designed cab with excellent visibility, an easy-to-see monitor panel, ideal driving position settings, K-ATOMICS with the Skip-Shift function, hydro-pneumatic suspensions, incorporated ROPS/FOPS, viscous mounts, an electric control lever for dumping, supplementary steering, and secondary brakes. A three-mode hydro-pneumatic suspension (automatic suspension specification) can be optionally installed.


All main components of this equipment are manufactured by Komatsu. Its braking system is fully hydraulic, the frame is highly rigid and it has oil-bath multi-disc brakes (front and rear); the machine also has connections with flat face-to-face O-ring seals, sealed DT connectors and a highly reliable hydraulic system.

Easy maintenance

The HD785-7 has an extended oil change interval, centralized filters and grease points, flange type rims and the KOMTRAX Plus system.


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