Power and speed The HD1500 has a large load capacity of 144 tons. Due to its fully automatic seven-speed Powershift transmission, the operator has the speed and response necessary to meet production requirements.

The turning radius of only 11.2 meters and the hydropneumatic suspension make the HD1500-8 have maneuverability in tight spaces, changes in cushioned movements for better load retention, resulting in a more comfortable ride.


Komatsu SDA16V159E-3 engine (tier 2)

The Komatsu SDA16V159E-3 engine, with 1,175 kW (1,576 hp) of gross power @ 1900 r.p, m, has greater acceleration and higher travel speeds with a high rate between power and load in tons. High torque at low speeds and high acceleration ensure maximum productivity with low fuel consumption. The standard features of this engine include: Pre-lubricant system designed to eliminate wear and tear and increase the service life, in addition to monitoring engine performance for each of its cylinders.

Automatic Retard Speed Control(ARSC)

ARSC allows the operator to easily set a downhill travel speed and go down slope at a constant speed. As a result, the operator can concentrate on steering. The speed can be set at an increment of 1 km/h by clicking the control lever (±5 km/h max.) to adjust the downhill speed appropriate to the slope grade.

Payload Meter (PLM)

PLM is a tool to manage the payload of each hauling cycle and to analyze the production volume and the working conditions of the dump truck for a specified period of time. Loaded weight is indicated on the payload display (on the LCD unit) and by the external display lamps in real time while loading.

Ergonomic cab

The Komatsu HD1500-8 truck cab offers a comfortable and productive environment to meet the current requirements of the mining market. The cabin includes tinted windows, heating, air conditioning, sound insulation, sealed double doors and a pressurized air filtration system. The instrument panel helps the operator to control critical functions of the machine in an easier way. Machine events are recorded and indicated as service codes. A caution light warns the operator about any problems that may occur. This facilitates the use and maintenance of the machine.


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