Komatsu, in its continuous improvement process, has developed a wide variety of products for the undercarriage. This technology, based on its high performance design and heat treatment, is applied to extend the equipment life between maintenance and replacement, generating a positive impact on the reduction of costs per hour.

Undercarriage elements


1 Sprocket

It transfers the rotational effort from the final drive to the chain, which produces a traction force that drives the machine forward or in reverse.

2 Carrier roller

It supports the chain between the idler and the sprocket, maintaining its tension.

3 Idler

Located at the front of the frame, it guides the chain and helps to tension it.

4 Chain

It is the set of links and pins assembled together to process the force that drives the machine forward or in reverse.

5 Track roller

It guides the moving chain (track) and helps support the weight of the machine.

6 Shoes

These elements are responsible for providing flotation, traction and maneuverability.

In the event of failure of any undercarriage component, whether due to operation-originated wear, fracture or damage, Komatsu has complete remanufactured frames available that give the user the advantage of reducing equipment downtime and maintenance time while the damaged undercarriage component is being repaired.

General Construction (GC) application

GC is developed to strengthen the price competitiveness of alternative parts in the market while maintaining Japanese quality and design.


● GC Link provides the same service life as original parts, but with Komatsu quality at a lower cost.

● Easy to install on Komatsu excavators or bulldozers.

● GC is not recommended in extremely hard impact applications, such as forestry and quarrying.

STD Standard Application

Komatsu has developed a set of undercarriages for standard systems (STD) with the highest technology, innovation, material selection and quality control in its products, in order to reduce wear and minimize maintenance costs.


● Standard application parts maintain an extended service life compared to the General Construction application ones.

● They are designed with all-terrain reinforcement in their links, in addition to a higher hardening level in their parts.

Heavy Duty Application

Heavy Duty (HD) application chains, designed for improved performance in rocky applications, offer increased link height and a larger bushing (DB). Suitable for large excavators operating on abrasive surfaces.


● High-depth heat treatment.

● Increased durability and resistance to impact and ground abrasion.


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