Our Company

Komatsu Latin America Operation

Komatsu Latin America Operation is composed by Functional Units, such as Human Resources, Finances, Product Support, and Business Operating Units (BOU) with common goals and shared resources which define their direction and performance evaluation. This structure has the following purpose: -Keep the organization closer to markets, customers, and relevant stakeholders in order to obtain benefits, economies […]

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Komatsu Way

Our DNA, Komatsu Way, is a value statement from Komatsu Group, through which we commit to maintain Quality and Reliability.

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Work with us

We are always looking for the most qualified and talented technicians and professionals in the market so they can join us. In Komatsu we want people to learn, develop their capacities and reach maximum potential. We offer a diverse and challenging work environment with huge learning and career opportunities. Join us!

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Sustainable Development “Development that satisfies present needs without compromising the possibilities future generations have to satisfy their own needs. This means that, we have to consider a triple balance for all decisions and activities: economic, social and environmental guidelines.” (Brundtland Commission, Our Common Future, UN 1987) Read about some of our activities here!

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