Teeth are a crucial part of how earthwork equipment functions, since they are in charge of transferring hydraulic power from the equipment to the soil and protect its bucket and components. A good tooth system preserves its sharpness throughout its useful life. Komatsu offers a wide range of tooth systems that adjust to the needs of individual customers.



Tooth systems are often viewed as interchangeable from one manufacturer to another. This is not the case with Kprime. We have built a truly unique product that is stronger and longer lasting with additional safety-enhancing features. We did this by listening to our customers and spending years figuring out the correct solution to their issues.

With Kprime we have created a new standard for what GET should do for your business.

Safety Enhancements

Intuitive locking system. Pry slots on tooth and wear cap for easier removal of worn parts. Low torque pin for easy tooth changes. Weights marked on all parts.


10% stronger design reduces breakage. Improved pin design prevents unlocking after extended use. Optimized design reduces wear on adapters. Improved stability through tighter fit design.


I10% – 15% increased usable wear material Improved penetration by up to 15%. Wear indicators on wear cap and fastener Rotatable tooth for extended life. Wear material added to adapter legs for longer wear life. Designed to stay sharp for the life of the tooth.

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Hensley has expanded its Dura® product line to better meet your DRP needs. The expanded line includes products to support various brands in the marketplace and other popular OEM offerings. Hensley’s superior manufacturing standards result in quality castings designed to increase service life and maximize equipment performance. The quality, strength and price of the Dura® product line allow you to reduce costs without compromising production.

DURA is Hensley’s DRP (direct replacement parts) brand. It offers a wide range of wear element systems such as J Series, traditional Komatsu, among others. DURA is a recognized brand in the construction market thanks to its quality, high wear resistance and convenient price.

Features and benefits:

  • Wide range of products
  • Competitive price
  • Same warranty as Hensley products
  • Designed to increase production
  • Superior quality and reliability
  • Available for mining and construction equipment


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