Our company was named after the city of Komatsu, located in the Ishikawa prefecture, Hokuriku region, Japan. Komatsu means “little pine tree” in English, and, according to the legend, it dates back to mid-Heian period (794-1192). In that moment, Kazan monk-emperor planted a young pine during its visit to the Hokuriku region, and where it grew was called “sono sin Komatsubara” (little pine field with gardens). This name was shortened to “Komatsu”.

Komatsu born from the Takeuchi Mining Industry, a Japanese company created on 1894 by Meitaro Takeuchi, who, considering that the main company’s activity was mining, though that it was natural to focus on that activity. Therefore, he stopped building dozing machines TMI manufactured to support their operations.

After this decision, on January 1917, Takeuchi delegated the fabrication of such machines to a third person, setting an example about specialization and outsourcing by setting up Komatsu Iron Works.

When “Iron Works Komatsu” separated from “Takeuchi Mining Co.” on 1921 to become “Komatsu Ltd.”, the first logo was chosen to represent the newly created company with a little pine tree. Our logo was modified several times throughout the years, however, it stayed closed to its original “little pine tree” shape up to the end of 90s, when it went through a major transformation, resulting in the current logo.

Currently, Komatsu’s logo is still the most basic design, representing the Komatsu brand. It reflects the reliability, stability and strength image Komatsu has. The well balanced sophistication of the logo, the unique “T” letter design and the deep Gloria blue color symbolize its corporate character and leadership in technological innovation.


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