It has the VHP (Variable Power Control) control in economy mode and the AISS (Automatic Idle Configuration System) system. Multi-disc brakes feature a refrigerated oil bath and are hydraulically controlled - delayed with the ARSC system (automatic delay speed control). The box is of high rigidity and the minimum turning radius is 7.2 m. Optionally, an ASR regulator (Automatic rotation regulator) and a PLM II charge meter (Memory card type payload meter) can be installed.

Wide and spacious cab

The cabin offers an ergonomic design. It is composed of an easy-to-read instrument panel, a pneumatic suspension seat, a telescopic and tiltable steering wheel, low-effort pedals, an electric tipper control lever, hydropneumatic suspension for all terrain, viscous cab supports, system K-ATOMiCS with “Skip-Shift” function, integrated ROPS / FOPS, automatic supplementary steering, secondary brakes that are operated with the pedal and a front ladder with handrail. Optionally, you can install a hydropneumatic suspension in three modes (Automatic suspension).


Wet multiple-disc brakes and fully hydraulic controlled braking systems »Systems means lower maintenance costs and higher reliability. Wet disc brakes are fully sealed to keep contaminants out, reducing wear and maintenance. Brakes require no adjustments for wear, meaning even lower maintenance. Added reliability is designed into the braking system by the use of three independent hydraulic circuits providing hydraulic backup should one of the circuits fail. Fully hydraulic braking systems eliminate the air system so air bleeding is not required, and water condensation that can lead to contamination, corrosion and freezing is eliminated.

Easy maintenance

Advanced monitoring system. • Wet multiple-disk brakes and fully hydraulic braking system. • Extended oil change interval. • Centralized arrangement of filters. • Flange type rim. • Electric circuit breaker. • Centralized greasing points (option).

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