High performance and economy

Komatsu develops and produces all the main components of their machines, such as engines, electronics and hydraulic components. With this “Komatsu Technology” and the customers’ feedback, Komatsu is achieving great advances in technology. In order to achieve high productivity levels and economical performance, Komatsu developed main components with a total control system. The result is a new generation of high performance and economical excavators.

The PC2000-8 Hydraulic Excavator in its BACKHOE and LOADING SHOVEL versions, has a 12-cylinder 4-stroke turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 diesel engine. It has a sea level 713 [kW] 956 [hp] net flywheel power and is EPA Tier II certified (equivalent). The machine has an efficient fuel management, due to total energy administration and advanced hydraulic system.


Komatsu monitoring system, KOMTRAX Plus™

The KOMTRAX Plus system allows the machine to monitor the status of main components, remotely evaluating their condition and operation. This system was designed to reduce repairing costs and to keep an ideal availability by preventing unscheduled downtimes.

In summary, the clearest advantage of this system is that, by using it appropriately, a proper operation and maintenance can be achieved, maximizing its performance and extending its service life.

Excellent operational visibility

Improved visibility mostly because of an extended front windshield that gives the operator a better view of the machine.

The new interior disposition, combined with wide crystal windows, improves visibility of work equipment and provides excellent visibility of surroundings.

New wider and comfortable cab design

The cab is designed to be used exclusively in mining shovels and has enough space to operate the machine in a relaxed manner. This cab is pressurized to help prevent dust from entering, and has a large capacity air conditioning system that cools and heats the cab efficiently for a comfortable operating environment.


PPC (Pilot proportional control) levers

These joysticks move smoothly and controlled compared to the mechanical plates used before.



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