Strength and Diversity

The Komatsu GD825A-2 motor grader was designed to be used under strict operation conditions. It has a 4,878 mm long blade with a 1,775 mm diameter tip hydraulically controlled in a 360º angle. The 17,230 kg drawbar has an exceptional pushing force, great stability and wide speed range that allow the machine to overcome even the roughest applications in terms of road maintenance. The equipment’s operational weight is 29,680 kg, including the hydraulically driven multi-shank ripper.

The Komatsu GD825A-2 motor grader has a 4-stroke, direct injection, turbocharged, water cooled S6D140E-2 diesel engine with 6 in-line cylinders with a total movement of 15.24 L (140 mm), giving a 209 kW (280 HP) net flywheel power for the motor grader.


Comfortable Cab

The ergonomically designed operator’s compartment is mounted on the rear chassis over viscous dampeners to reduce noise and vibrations, and maximizing the operator’s efficiency. It has 2 access doors, adjustable seat with air suspension, tilt steering wheel and console, wide interior space, and large windows providing an excellent field of view by minimizing blind spots, A/C, heating, defroster and AM/FM radio with CD player. The cab is also lifted 710 [mm] to make the inspection and servicing of the hydraulic systems easier, without the need to disconnect them.

Shafts and Final Drives

Front shaft has a ±16° (32° in total) oscillation angle and a 14.5° inclination on each side. Back shafts are of the floating type, built over high-resistance steel.

Power transmission is performed through spiral bevel gear with electric-over, hydraulically controlled differential lock/unlock device and roller-chain tandem drives for four rear wheels. The tandem case pivots up to 15° assuring high machine stability and positive traction during operation.

Closed Load Sensing System - CLSS

The GD825A-2 motor grader provides a closed load sensing system (CLSS) for all hydraulic system. This system consists in a variable capacity pump that senses the hydraulic requirements of the equipment, providing a precise control and fast response by discharging only the amount of oil required to the hydraulic cylinders. The pressure compensation valve offers an excellent simultaneous operation capacity. As a result, fuel consumption and operational noise is reduced.

Komatsu’s Hydroshift Transmission

Komatsu’s Hydroshift Transmission has planetary gears hydraulically actuated through multi-disc clutches with forced lubrication, which ensures soft contacts and minimum gearshift efforts. This transmission has 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds, with a 44.9 to 47.9 km/h maximum speed in the corresponding traveling direction. The gearshift lock device prevents accidental starts. The engine only starts when the gearshift lever is in the parking position.

Easy Maintenance

GD825A-2 motor grader’s power train, including engine transmission and final drives, has a modular design that allows to have a reduced detention period during maintenance and repairing operations, minimum oil loss when removing components due to its self-containing feature, a complete individual component replacement, and individual tests in a bank before installation.


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