Quality and Power

The hydraulic system, undercarriage, frame and all major components have Komatsu’s quality and guarantee, delivering to the customer a machine with parts designed to work together and obtain the highest productivity, reliability and versatility.

The D475A-5E0 Bulldozer has a turbocharged aftercooled SAA12V140E-3 diesel engine with a 664 [kW] 890 [hp]@2000 r.p.m  Net flywheel power and excellent productivity. This machine is UE and Japan EPA Level 2 certified.


Automatic lock-up torque converter system

When activated, disconnects the torque converter, reducing fuel consumption and enhancing the efficiency of the power train.

ECMV-controlled transmission and brakes

The ECMV (Electronically-controlled modulating valve) allows to connect the clutch smoothly. This reduces shocks while gearshifting and ensures more comfortable rides.

Palm command control system (PCCS)

The new palm command control system (PCCS) allows a fully operator-controlled operational environment. Its travel control joystick provides a comfortable posture and great control for the operator, reducing the fatigue. Gearshifting is performed easily through switches. The second joystick, for blade controlling, uses a PPC (Proportional Pressure Control) valve, which combined with its highly reliable hydraulic system, results in a smooth and precise control.

Comfortable cab

The cab has a damper mount, providing excellent shock and vibration absorption capacity while traveling. The cab mount, combined with the K-bogie undercarriage reduces shocks and vibrations while riding under difficult conditions.


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