Aware of the different needs of each project, Komatsu has designed five levels of services for its equipment to ensure operational continuity for its customers, guarantee the technical support that allows an increase in fleet productivity, and lower operating costs.

Starting at level 1 as the most basic one, new services are added as they go up. This allows the customer to select the option that best suits them.


Available services

Levels cover services such as inspection, maintenance, fluid analysis, certified labor and Komatsu genuine parts, among others. Addittionally, they include a satellite system that provides information on the use and status of the equipment, and also the possibility to choose the extended warranty benefit (this last advantage is only available in level 5).

Worry-free operation

Trusting in your distributor's technical support allows you to focus on your business and increase productivity.

Cost control

You will be able to keep track of your operations and know -even hourly- maintenance costs.

Less downtime

Through a proactive and scheduled maintenance service, you can plan when your fleet will stop.

Residual value

Your fleet will be kept in optimal conditions, without losing residual value at the time of fleet renewal.

Monitoring / Level 1

Komtrax reports

In this level, Komatsu's remote monitoring system -which provides access to equipment-specific data and enables job site management through an updated and enhanced user interface- allows the customer to maximize their equipment's performance while keeping it protected.

Kit / Level 2

Komtrax report + Maintenance filter kit

This level includes the Komtrax monitoring system report (level 1) and adds the over-the-counter sale of the filter kit for preventive equipment maintenance.

Maintenance / Level 3

Komtrax report + maintenance filter kit + certified labor + Komatsu Genuine Oil

This level includes the 2 previous ones, adding Komatsu certified labor and the use of genuine lubricants, to ensure proper maintenance of the equipment according to the customer's needs.

Analysis / Level 4

Komtrax report + maintenance filter kit + certified labor + Komatsu Genuine Oil + Komatsu Oil Warranty Analysis (KOWA)

This level includes the 3 previous ones, plus the Komatsu Oil Warranty Analysis (KOWA), which will help diagnose and evaluate the health of the equipment.

Warranty / Level 5

Komtrax report + maintenance filter kit + certified labor + Komatsu Genuine Oil + Komatsu Oil Warranty Analysis (KOWA) + Komatsu Warranty Pro

This level includes the 4 previous ones, and adds the benefit of Komatsu Warranty Pro, which guarantees the equipment components for an extra period in addition to the standard warranty.

Warranty Pro website

* Details of available services vary from country to country. For more information, please click here to contact us.


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