Productivity and comfort

Provides an excellent work environment for the operator due to its automatic transmission with ECMV, an electronically controlled transmission lever, a variable transmission cut-off system, a tiltable, telescopical steering wheel and an AJSS (Advance joystick steering system). The cab also has a low-noise design, a big pillar-less ROPS/FOPS, and back hinged easy-access doors.

This high production low fuel consumption equipment has a high performance SSDA16V160E-2 engine with a 1,218 [kW] 1,633 [hp] net flywheel power and is environmentally friendly (EPA Tier 2 certified).


High performance Komatsu engine

Equipped with an economical Komatsu SSDA16V160E-2 diesel engine capable of moving massive loads 18 m³ (23.5 yd³) ~ 20 m³ (26.2 yd³). The machine has an electronic regulator for low fuel consumption, acceleration pedal and rpm assembly for an easier operation.

Large bucket capacity

The WA1200-6 has the largest bucket of its class: 18 m3 (23.5 yd3) ~ 20 m3 (26.2 yd3). Komatsu’s bucket is designed to make the load operations easier and with less spillage. The latter, together with the maximum traction and startup force available, drive a loader to achieve higher bucket fill factors and maximum production.

Komatsu components

All power train components, from bolts to the final gearing, are designed by Komatsu. Komatsu loaders are manufactured through an integrated production system under a strict quality control.

Comfortable cab

This equipment provides a smooth maneuverability. Ergonomically designed, it allows the operator to use the controllers smoothly, comfortably and effortless, improving its performance. By reducing vibrations and noises, reduces tiredness and fatigue in longer shifts.


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