Adaptability and Power

The PC8000-6 hydraulic shovel was designed for 240 ton (or more) mining truck loading operations. According to the field’s needs, the shovel can have a diesel engine or electric motor. The machine is self-driven, with 1,500mm wide tracks, a 42 m³ bucket (for a 1,8ton/m³ density), and an operational weight of 752-777 metric tons.

The PC8000-6 BH E Shovel has two 16-V cylinders 4-stroke turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 diesel engines. It has a 1500 kW (2010 HP) sea level net flywheel power for each engine, and is EPA Tier II certified.


Komatsu Monitoring System, KOMTRAX Plus™

The KOMTRAX Plus™ system allows the machine to monitor the status of main components, remotely evaluating their condition and operation. This system was designed to reduce repairing costs and to keep an ideal availability by preventing unscheduled downtimes.

In summary, the clearest advantage of this system is that, by using it appropriately, a proper operation and maintenance can be achieved, maximizing its performance and extending its service life.

Large Bucket Capacity

The standard bucket has a 42 m3 capacity and has a Wear Package 3 included (designed for loose materials with a density of 1,8 t/m3).

The final Wear Package will be defined according to the field conditions (material type and density, operation type, etc.) and decided by the client and Komatsu Mining Germany. A change in the settings of the Wear Package could change the bucket's capacity.


Heavy-duty type for shovels, H box-type, with a main body and 2 side bodies with their corresponding track sets. The main body has a transfer swing ring and a triple bearing system for swing operations. Every track set has 8 track rollers (side by side) and 3 carrier rollers, drive sprocket with travel motor, an idler, tension cylinders with automatic hydraulic adjustments, 1500 mm wide cast steel track shoes with a cutting-edge induction hardening treatment.

Comfortable Cab

The wide and comfortable cab is mounted over 18 viscous mounts and has sound insulation. This pressurized cab also has and automatic air conditioning system. The operator’s seat has a pneumatic suspension, electric heating, and two-point seatbelt and it can be adjusted in several ways.

The instructor’s seat also has a two-point seatbelt. The easy-operated joysticks are electro-hydraulically operated. Pedals control the tracks, and swing brake. Has all instruments, KOMTRAX Plus™, and AM/FM radio with a MP3 compatible CD player.

The wipers have two speeds and an intermittent function mode. It also includes a refrigerator and storage compartments. Mirrors are electrically actuated, have a heating system and can be adjusted from the cab. External sun visors in the side windows of the cab and internal blinds for all windows are standard equipment. The right window is also the emergency exit. All windows are green UV-filter tinted. There is a catwalk mounted in front part of the cab.

Hydraulic System

Eight (8) hydraulic Rexroth variable piston-type main pumps connected to transfer cases provides the machine with the Hydropilot system (an open 4-circuit hydraulic system), for the highest cooling and filtrating efficiency, with a load-limiting governor, pressure cut-off and demand prioritized flow (swing).

Total flow 8,280 liters/min.

Maximum pressure 310 bar.

Swing low system 2,070 liters/min.


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