This machine incorporates the Komtrax monitoring system that sends your exact location, SMR and operation maps to a safe network through wireless technology. It also reports failure codes, precautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and other indicators.

The PC350LC-8 has a turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled Komatsu SAA6D114E−3 engine, with a 184 [kW] 246 [hp] net flywheel power. The engine also complies with EPA Tier III and EU Stage 3A emission regulations without sacrificing strength or productivity.



This excavator provides high production and low fuel consumption. The drawbar’s maximum traction power offers an excellent steering and uphill traveling performance.

It has a better lifting capacity, excavation power, and automatic three-speed traveling system. The equipment also has a multi-functional color monitor, where the operator can select work modes, EMMS self-diagnostics, and adjustments to the hydraulic oil flow of the attachments.

Reliability and durability

It has a highly rigid work equipment with a strong frame structure. Its main components are manufactured and guaranteed by Komatsu, and the electronic devices are highly reliable.

Wide and comfortable cab

The cab’s design reduces noise level; produces low vibrations due to the viscous dampener mount; is highly pressurized with automatic air conditioning system; and the seat and console have an armrest that allows the operator to seat ergonomically. It also has a wide 7” LCD TFT multi-colored user-friendly monitor.

Easy maintenance

This equipment has extended oil and hydraulic filter change intervals. It also has a remotely installed fuel drain valve and engine oil filter, and a standard fuel pre-filter (with water separator).

Designed with side-to-side coolers for a better servicing process. The machine also has a self-diagnosis system and an Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS).

Ecology & economy - Technology 3

Ecology & economy - Technology 3 (Ecot3).

Komatsu, following its Ecology and Economy policy, continues to develop engines with high performance low-emission technologies, complying with the most rigorous environmental standards, such as the new EU Stage 3A and EPA Tier III emission regulations.

With this technology, Komatsu introduces its new ECOT-3 engines with total electronic control system; fuel injection (Heavy-duty and high-pressure common rail); exhaust gas recirculation (EGR); air to air aftercooler and a new combustion chamber design; and NOx, PM and fuel consumption reducing systems.


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