Technology and Productivity

Komatsu develops and produces all the main components of their machines, such as engines, electronics and hydraulic components. With this “Komatsu Technology” and the customers’ feedback, Komatsu is achieving great advances in technology. In order to achieve high productivity levels and economical performance, Komatsu developed main components with a total control system. The result is a new generation of environmentally friendly and high performance excavators.

The Komatsu PC1250-8R Excavator has a powerful turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled SAA6D170E-5 engine that produces a 502 [kW] 672 [HP] net flywheel power. This engine actualizes high-power to low fuel consumption with the optimum fuel injection by electronic heavy duty HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail) fuel injection system.


Work Mode Selection

The PC1250-8R excavator has two working modes: Power and Economy. Each mode is designed to match the engine speed, pump flow and the system’s pressure to the current application, giving flexibility to the operator in order to match the equipment’s performance to the job at hand.

PPC levers

These levers allow the operator to work comfortably and have a precise control at the same time. A double-slide mechanism allow the seat and control levers to move together or independently, allowing the operator to position the controls for maximum productivity and comfort.

Wide and Comfortable Cab

The cab’s design reduces noise level; produces low vibrations due to the viscous dampener mount; is highly pressurized with automatic air conditioning system; and the seat and console have an armrest that allows the operator to seat ergonomically.

Easy Maintenance

The machine provides extended intervals for engine oil, engine oil filter, hydraulic oil and hydraulic filter replacements.

It has a fuel pre-filter with water separator included as standard equipment.

The side-to-side coolers allow the cooling modules to be serviced independently.

The engine oil filter, as well as the fuel filter and fuel draining valve, can be easily accessed.

The fuel filter is remotely installed in order to access it easily.

It has an automatic diagnostic monitor.

Komatsu Monitoring System, KOMTRAX Plus™

Komatsu’s Monitoring System, Komtrax Plus™, offers a new and revolutionary way to monitor your equipment, anytime and anywhere. It allows you to locate exactly the machines and obtain data readings from them in real time. With a GPS transmitter and satellite technology, Komtrax Plus™ system is designed to last in time and meet all your present and future requirements.


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