In Komatsu we offer solutions. Our more than 15 years’ experience in the industry guarantees new technology solutions in which creativity and knowledge fuse together to satisfy our customers. With this model, our service is a step ahead in terms of preventive maintenance.


This way, our company can reach the user better, obtains feedback about equipment and products in terms of Reliability and Quality, and analyzes improvement and growth opportunities with the customer and other market brands. Implementing these activities allows us to make the difference, set a preference within the market, and, consequently, the clients want and […]

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Maintenance and Repairing

The maintenance contracts allow the client to outsource their equipment maintenance needs, greater reliability and optimal planning. It is a cost-effective solution that helps companies maximize the life of their Komatsu machines and guarantee their long-term profitability.

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The rental fleet does not exceed 3 years of useful life and is maintained under the supervision of qualified technicians who focus on delivering an excellent service to our customers and according to their requirements; These are rented with preventive maintenance included (does not exclude the responsibility of our customers to perform the corresponding daily […]

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