Capacity and Power

Provides an excellent work environment for the operator due to its automatic transmission with ECMV, an electronically controlled transmission lever, a variable transmission cut-off system, a tiltable, telescopic steering wheel and manually controlled joysticks. The cab also has a low-noise design, a big pillar-less ROPS/FOPS, and back hinged easy-access doors.

This high production low fuel consumption equipment has a high performance SAA6D107E engine with a 393 [kW] 527 [hp] net flywheel power and is US EPA Tier III and UE Stage 3A certified.


Wider articulation angle

For demanding field work, articulation angle is key because work cycles imply V-reverse movements (work standard). This Komatsu’s wheel loader has a 43º angle that allows the operator to move efficiently even in the tightest work sites.

Increased bucket capacity

The bucket of the Komatsu WA600-6 wheel loader can load up to 60 metric tons and 6,4 m3 with its standard version, which means more productivity when working together with Komatsu’s dump truck.

Ecology & economy - Technology 3

Komatsu, following its Ecology and Economy policy, continues to develop engines with high performance low-emission technologies, complying with the most rigorous environmental standards, such as the new EU Stage 3A and EPA Tier III emission regulations.

With this technology, Komatsu introduces its new ECOT-3 engines with total electronic control system; fuel injection (Heavy-duty and high-pressure common rail); exhaust gas recirculation (EGR); air to air aftercooler and a new combustion chamber design; and NOx, PM and fuel consumption reducing systems.


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