Productivity and Comfort

Provides an excellent work environment for the operator due to its automatic transmission with ECMV, an electronically controlled transmission lever, a variable transmission cut-off system, a tiltable, telescopic steering wheel and manually controlled joysticks. The cab also has a low-noise design, a big pillar-less ROPS/FOPS, and back hinged easy-access doors.

This high production low fuel consumption equipment has a high performance SAA6D140E-5 engine with a 263 [kW] 353 [hp] net flywheel power and is US EPA Tier III and UE Stage 3A certified.


Increased bucket capacity

The bucket of the Komatsu WA500-6 wheel loader can load up to 32 metric tons and 5.6 m3 with its standard version, which means more productivity when working together with Komatsu’s dump truck.

Wider articulation angle

For demanding field work, articulation angle is key because work cycles imply V-reverse movements (work standard). This Komatsu’s wheel loader has a 40º angle that allows the operator to move efficiently even in the tightest work sites.

Ecology & economy - Technology 3

Komatsu, following its ecology and economy policy, continues to develop engines with high performance low-emission technologies, complying with the most rigorous environmental standards, such as the new EU Stage 3A and EPA Tier III emission regulations.

With this technology, Komatsu introduces its new ECOT-3 engines with total electronic control system; fuel injection (Heavy-duty and high-pressure common rail); exhaust gas recirculation (EGR); air to air aftercooler and a new combustion chamber design; and NOx, PM and fuel consumption reducing systems.



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