Cutting edges

Excellent Wear Resistance

Komatsu offers a wide variety of front loader, bulldozer and motor grader blades, with various specifications that can be adapted to different operating conditions. Carbon laminated blades, for general use. Boron laminated blades with heat treatment for abrasive floors. Cast steel blades, for extreme conditions.



Komatsu offers a wide variety of front loader and bulldozer blades through the North American Hensley factory. With more than 70 years in the wear element market, the company offers blades with high resistance to wear and impact, at a convenient price. Hensley blades are applicable both to Komatsu equipment as well as to other brands present on the market.

Hensley Premium line of cast blades

Hensley’s Premium line of cast blades is focused on improving the performance of equipment operating in extreme conditions. Presenting a higher hardness than laminated blades and the possibility of adding material in critical areas, cast steel blades can get twice the useful life, allowing to reduce the maintenance cycles of the wear system.

Hensley Motor Grader Blades

With a wide variety of motor grader blades, Hensley provides the versatility of finding the right product for every application. Offering carbon blades for soft ground applications and heat treated blades, which provide excellent wear and impact resistance in extreme conditions.


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