Fuel efficiency

The Komatsu SAA4D104E-1 engine, together with the variable flow of the consolidated CLSS hydraulic system, the system supplies power when and where it is needed.

Komatsu backhoe loaders aim to set new benchmarks for the market. Complete optimization of the operator’s work environment, state-of-the-art technical solutions, and a wide choice of optional equipment and configurations: as always, the operator is at the center of Komatsu’s attention.


Absolute control

You have total control of your Komatsu backhoe loader through servo-controlled joysticks (PPC) for the front loader and traditional mechanical levers for the backhoe. All movements are extremely smooth and precise, even during simultaneous operations.

Premium performance

Komatsu Backhoe Loader offers high productivity thanks to its P (Power) and E (Economy) work modes for both front and backhoe loader, adapting to the work no matter how heavy it is.

Comfort & visibility

An outstanding comfort level – and excellent all-round visibility: The operator is in ideal working conditions with a comfortable seat, optimal air distribution, an easy to reach control panel and several storage compartments.

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