Excellence and productivity

The hydraulic system, undercarriage, frame and all major components have Komatsu’s quality and guarantee, delivering to the customer a machine with parts designed to work together and obtain the highest productivity, reliability and versatility.

The D275AX-5 bulldozer has a Komatsu SAA6D140E-5 engine with a 335 [kW] 449 [hp] net flywheel power and a high-pressure common rail pump injection, which provides higher levels of energy with low fuel consumption. This machine is EU Stage 3A and EPA Tier III certified (equivalent).



The equipment has ECMV (electronically controlled modulation valve) steering/brakes clutches; preset travel speed and auto downshift functions; a hydrostatic steering system (HSS): a smooth and powerful turning control, and optionally a traction control; a torque converter and an automatic lockup system for it.

Hydrostatic steering system (HSS)

The hydrostatic steering system is powered by an independent hydraulic pump with engine power transmitted to both tracks without power interruption on the inside track. When the machine turns, the outside track moves faster and the inside track slower to achieve smooth and powerful turns. Counter-rotation can be performed with a lower turning radius, which makes maneuvering easier. Smooth turns reduces the machine’s vibrations and increases operator comfort.

The shock-free steering controller reduces the machine’s vibrations and the operator’s fatigue. The hydrostatic steering system reduces greatly the road damage produced by the tracks.

Palm command control system (PCCS)

The new palm command control system (PCCS) allows a fully operator-controlled operational environment. Its travel control joystick provides a comfortable posture and great control for the operator, reducing the fatigue. Gearshifting is performed easily through switches. The second joystick, for blade controlling, uses a PPC (proportional pressure control) valve, which combined with its highly reliable hydraulic system, results in a smooth and precise control.

Wide and comfortable cab

The new cab with hexagonal design incorporates a wider inside space: new cab mount for a greater comfort, an excellent visibility, high-performance conditioning air system, a PCCS (palm command control system) lever for steering and blade controlling, cab pressurizing, adjustable armrest, a seat with high backrest, a radio pre-installing kit, and a 12V connector.

Ecology & economy - Technology 3 (Ecot3)

Komatsu, following its Ecology and Economy policy, continues to develop engines with high performance low-emission technologies, complying with the most rigorous environmental standards, such as the new EU Stage 3A and EPA Tier III emission regulations (equivalent).

With this technology, Komatsu introduces its new Ecot3 engines with total electronic control system; fuel injection (Heavy-duty and high-pressure common rail); exhaust gas recirculation (EGR); air to air aftercooler and a new combustion chamber design; and NOx, PM and fuel consumption reducing systems.

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