CUSTOMISATION Many configurations are available, so you can choose the perfect machine for the job: long or short arm, rubber, steel or roadliner shoes. The 1 / 2 way auxiliary hydraulic circuit allows the use of a wide range of working tools such as a hammer, a clamshell bucket, an auger etc.

The new PC45MR-5M0 compact mini-excavator is the result of the competence and technology that Komatsu has been acquired throunghout of the last years. It was designed and developed with constant attention to the needs of customers from all over the world. The end product is a user-friendly machine with top-class performances.


Komatsu CLSS

The CLSS (Closed-centre Load Sensing System) hydraulic circuit guarantees power, speed and perfect control to all movements, including simultaneous ones. The combination of the variable displacement pump and of CLSS allows operators to perform all required movements with maximum efficiency, regardless of the load or rpm.

Auto deceleration and auto idle shutdown

Both these functions are provided as standard. Auto-deceleration reduces the engine speed automatically a few seconds after the work equipment lever is moved to the neutral position. The auto idle shutdown automatically stops the engine after a preset time to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.

New multi-function monitor with more Information

A high-definition 3.5” LCD monitor provides excellent visibility. The highdefinition LCD panel is less affected by the viewing angle and surrounding brightness, ensuring excellent visibility. Various alerts and machine information are displayed in a simple format. Useful information such as operation records, machine setting and maintenance data are also provided. The operator can easily switch screens.


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