6 WORKING MODES Depending on the load, operators can conveniently choose between 6 working modes designed to match engine speed, pump delivery and system pressure. Priority can be given either to speed, for more productivity, or to fuel consumption for lighter applications.

The new PC35MR-3 compact mini-excavator is the result of the competence and technology that Komatsu has been acquired throunghout of the last years. It was designed and developed with constant attention to the needs of customers from all over the world. The end product is a user-friendly machine with top-class performances.


Komatsu CLSS

The CLSS (Closed-centre Load Sensing System) hydraulic circuit guarantees power, speed and perfect control to all movements, including simultaneous ones. The combination of the variable displacement pump and of CLSS allows operators to perform all required movements with maximum efficiency, regardless of the load or rpm.

Electronic control system

Fuel consumption on the PC35MR-5 is lower by up to 5%. The engine and hydraulic system are optimally controlled according to the operating conditions. The hydraulic loss reductions also help reduce both fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Perfect operator convenience

Proportional controls are fitted as standard for safe and precise operation of attachments. The dial type fuel control makes operation and engine speed adjustment simple. The automatic travel speed shift function allows smooth and efficient operation. Pressing a speed selector button on the blade lever chooses auto 2-speed or fixed 1st speed travel for easy shifting during blade operation. A 12-volt power port is also included in the cab.


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