Friday September 6th, 2019

First EMS meeting in Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia, was the place were the first Komatsu EMS (Electrical Mechanical Shop) meeting was held in Latin America, from the 17th to the 19th of June.

Komatsu has established as one of the leading suppliers of equipment, spare parts, and services for important economic sectors in Latin America. Through its coil, electronic components, and EMS manufacturing plants, Komatsu provides its mining, construction, and forestry customers with aftermarket support for their equipment.

This is the first time EMS representatives meet in the same place. The occasion allowed them to share experiences, analyze how to tackle new challenges while joining criteria and best practices, always considering the specific reality of every country. In this instance, the representatives also established tasks and goals in different areas and reviewed Komatsu Mining Corp (KMC) integration’s progress.

Daniel Rojas, Komatsu Reman’s CEO, highlighted that “every EMS has characteristics that can be shared, that is why we think we should collect all that know-how and expertise from every country and organize it in a single platform.”

The EMSs have a certification model created in Chile, in the Komatsu Reman facilities, allowing other countries to organize their internal processes and maintain the uniformity of continuous improvement and innovation criteria. The challenge now is to strengthen this network across Latin America, building a more collaborative development to achieve excellent service to the final customer.



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