Friday September 6th, 2019

Komatsu and Cerrejón mine sign cooperation agreement to strengthen the education of La Guajira’s youth

Komatsu Latin America Operation and Cerrejón mine signed a 5-year cooperation agreement to strengthen the educational and working capacity of La Guajira’s young people. The agreement, signed at Komatsu Bogotá’s facilities, had the participation of Yasushi Sakano, Komatsu Latin America’s CEO and Chairman, Patricio Pereira, Komatsu Colombia’s CEO, and Jaime Uribe, Komatsu Latin America’s Corporate Affairs Director. On behalf of Cerrejón mine, Lina Echeverri, Cerrejón’s Public Affairs and Communications Vice President, was also present.

The purpose of this alliance is promoting technical education through Tecnoguajira, an institution dedicated to Cerrejón’s human capital development, by giving work competences to the youth. A total of 35 young people will be given the scholarship to study the Mining Equipment Maintenance program for seven years and then undergo an internship in one of Komatsu’s work centers. Also, 10 instructors from the educational institution (2 per year) will be trained, the improvement of the Mining Equipment Maintenance program’s curriculum will be promoted and Komatsu will participate in the Business Roundtables currently organized by Cerrejón.

For Patricio Pereira, Komatsu Colombia’s CEO, this type of alliances brings us closer to our customers, allowing us to build trusting relationships which, will ultimately make us strategic allies they can count on to contribute, from social to common goals. “Due to this, Komatsu Colombia commits with the leading role it has in the positive transformation of Colombia and its people through DANTOTSU solutions, unique and without competitors, given to our customers,” reflected Pereira.

This plan will also allow Komatsu to prioritize Tecnoguajira’s graduates and people from the Colombian department in its selection processes while complying with its selection and hiring policy. “This agreement not only gives technical assistance to these youths but also contributes to the region’s development. This is the main purpose of the project,” said Jaime Uribe, Komatsu Latin America’s Corporate Affairs Director.

Lina Echeverri, Cerrejón’s Public Affairs and Communications Vice President, expressed her desire to fully implement this agreement, which it is expected to be long-termed. “We hope to train our youth and the people from La Guajira, giving them employability opportunities, but above all, the growth and improvement of the beneficiaries and their family’s quality of life.”

According to Tomás Grau, Komatsu Latin America Operation’s Sustainability Manager, this project is part of the Relationship-building Social Plan with the industry’s customers. “Working with one of the most important customers of Komatsu Colombia is a great milestone. We want to contribute to their business’ success, strengthening the technical education received by Tecnoguajira’s young people and giving them the tools needed for their growth. We are convinced these programs to create value the customer, for our business, and for the neighboring communities,” expressed Grau.


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