Friday November 30th, 2018

Delivery ceremony of Komatsu equipments in Cerrejón mine, Colombia

A major milestone was achieved by Komatsu in Colombia, by closing an important business agreement with Carbones del Cerrejón, one of the largest thermal coal-export mining operations in the world. Following this important news, Yasushi Sakano, President and CEO of Komatsu in Latin America, traveled to meet the customer (Gemba, workplace according to the company´s philosophy) and lead the equipment delivery process.

The sale was possible thanks to a strong commercial strategy, led by Komatsu Latin America Operation and a successful joint effort driven by the current integration process, which allowed us to be the most attractive offer for the customer. This agreement is highly relevant considering the circumstances of the global economic context, the local market difficulties and Komatsu´s growth expectations in both this country and the region.

The delivery ceremony in Colombia was led by Sakano with the aim of strengthening relationships, boosting the mining industry and delivering the first sold units from a total of 23 machines. “This is an extremely important milestone for our Company. We are proud of this sale, since it means the return of our equipments to Cerrejón mine. I am sure it will be a long-term relationship.”


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