Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Steel Ferrovial acquires two Komatsu machines for its operations at Radomiro Tomic

The steel company Steel Ferrovial, through its Broadspectrum subsidiary, acquired two Komatsu loaders, model WA500-6, to operate as cable reels in the operations the client holds at the Radomiro Tomic site.

“Steel Ferrovial trusted our brand, due to the good performance obtained with Komatsu loaders model WA600-6, which currently operate as tire handlers at Codelco Norte, in addition to the experience in two other WA470-6 loaders, which add up to a rate of use of 400 monthly hours and over 90% availability”, said Rodrigo Muñoz, Zonal Equipment Sales Manager at Komatsu Chile.

Precisely, the growth of client operations has led to “seeking alliances with suppliers which respond to their needs and, in turn, that they can fulfill their constituents’ requirements,” added Muñoz. To further fulfill the expectations required by Steel Ferrovial, Komatsu Chile involved various divisions, including Spare Parts and Services, Product Support and Sales of Construction Equipment.

All in all, the challenge of the Construction and Forestry divisions is “to develop this comprehensive business structure, in order to provide value and support for future projects in progress”, concluded the Zonal Equipment Sales Manager.

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