Wednesday January 22nd, 2020

Kom-Expert system established in Chile: Sierra Gorda purchases digital platform for 58 mining trucks

  • This platform processes and displays data to make decisions and leverage the mining equipment´s potential. Among other benefits, it increases tire performance, improves the loading process and reduces equipment´s maintenance time.

Kom-Expert, Komatsu’s Big Data and analysis digital solutions system will be implemented in 58 mining trucks in Sierra Gorda. The platform is already operating in 25 trucks and it will be extended to the remaining 33 trucks within the next months.

Komatsu’s digital platform, Kom-Expert, is a technological solution developed by Komatsu Chile since 2017, generating information in order to make decisions based on data. This information has improved tire performance, makes material loading more efficient, manages the operator’s behavior under risky conditions, enables hours for effective use, and extends the asset components’ life.

Concerning the service implementation, Cristián Bustamante, Monitoring, Analytics, and Transformation Assistant Manager of Komatsu Chile, highlighted the joint work carried out for such purposes: “This implementation was not only developed with technology, but involved the work of several business units, which allows us to be stronger when delivering our final product to customers.”

José Luis Carrasco, Mine Manager of Sierra Gorda, expressed his confidence in the platform. “I would like to underline the teamwork of both companies which helped us to have a good year in terms of tires, road conditions, equipment use, reduction of waste hours. Next year we will boost the use of this tool in our fleet of 58 trucks,” he stated.

In that same line, Sierra Gorda´s representative added that the mine´s objective for 2020 is “to improve our results in all the mine´s operational indicators in order to become a model nationwide through best practices and results.”

Today, after the purchase agreement signed by Sierra Gorda, a new stage has started in the history of the system. For the first time, the platform will be implemented in all CAEX indefinitely.

This landmark will allow to expand the attributes of the Kom-Expert system to other fields and to another type of equipment, such as shovels and earth movement equipment developing the teamwork that has been highlighted by the customers as a distinguishing element of the services provided by Komatsu.

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