Wednesday April 5th, 2017

Frequently asked questions about Joy Global acquisition

1. Why did Komatsu acquire Joy Global?
Combining our highly complementary products and services will allow us to offer a full line of enhanced
solutions to the mining market. We now have the opportunity to leverage the best of both companies to
become an even stronger mining solutions and services provider for our customers.
2. Will the Joy Global name continue to be used?
No. Joy Global Inc. is being renamed Komatsu Mining Corp. and is now part of Komatsu. The Joy Global
company name/brand will be phased out in the coming months and Joy Global facilities will be rebranded.
3. Will the product brands be maintained?
Yes. In addition to the Komatsu product brands, we will continue to promote and invest in the P&H, Joy and
Montabert product brands.
4. How will the businesses be integrated?
Integration of our businesses and regions is an essential activity to enable success in the marketplace and
to optimally support our customers. The integration process will be approached in a consultative and
collaborative way, engaging the voices of both businesses, and any resulting changes will be thoughtfully
planned and communicated. Formal integration planning begins immediately after close and will be
managed in phases, including an initial six-month co-design period with the goal of full integration within
three years.
During this time, we are focused on providing customers uninterrupted service and equipment supply, and
there will be no immediate changes to how we do business. Customer contacts at Komatsu Mining Corp.
and Komatsu will remain the same until further notice, and customers should continue to use their existing
contacts for the product and service brands they already support.
5. How can customers and business partners be assured that we remain focused on their service,
productivity and technology needs throughout integration? Will we update them on integration process?
Our top priority is to ensure the continuity of our services and support for customers. In the immediate
future, all customer-facing contacts will remain the same. Any eventual changes to our interactions with
customers will be approached in a collaborative and consultative way. As needed, we will share aspects of
the integration with customers and business partners that would directly impact them.
6. Will salespeople and dealers/distributors be able to immediately cross-sell products?
Not immediately. In the immediate future, customers should continue to engage with their current contacts
for the branded products and services they already support while we work to integrate our teams and

7. How will existing relationships with distributors, dealerships, suppliers and vendors be affected?
There will be no immediate changes to our existing relationships with distributors, dealerships, suppliers and
vendors, and current regional/local representation for product brands and services. Any changes planned
through the integration process will be thoughtfully planned and communicated.
8. Are any changes to contracts necessary as a result of the acquisition or name change?
All existing contracts will continue to be honored after the close of the acquisition. The process to change
over legal entity names will be addressed over time, through integration, so current legal entity names will
continue to be used on all necessary documents such as contracts and invoices in the short term. Changes
will be communicated as they occur.
9. Will we continue to honor all existing formal employment contracts and union agreements?
Yes, the terms and conditions of employment for employees with formal contracts and union agreements
will continue to be governed by the applicable contracts made prior to the acquisition.
10. Will there be facility closures or merging of facilities? Will you be hiring?
Bringing our companies together offers many exciting opportunities for growth. As we study best practices
worldwide during integration, Integration Teams and Task Forces will be looking at optimal facility use and
the best ways to leverage our teams, technologies and more. There will be no immediate changes. Any
changes planned through the integration process will be carefully considered and focused on building a
strong future together.
11. Will community service and social responsibility activities be continued and/or integrated?
Corporate social responsibility is a key component of the Komatsu culture. There will be no immediate
changes to our current commitments to the community. Any changes planned through the integration
process will ensure a continued commitment to the communities where we live and work.
12. Is Komatsu a publicly traded organization?
Yes. Komatsu is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under ticker 6301.

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