Friday September 7th, 2018

Phibrand Ranking 2018: Komatsu obtains award in underground mining

A total of 16 companies supplying the mining industry were recognized last Monday, August 22nd, at the Phibrand Ranking 2018, which measures the perception of companies in the Large Mining industry in Chile regarding their suppliers, and in which Komatsu received an award for the best performance in the Underground Cargo and Transport category.

It is the first time the Company appears in this category as Komatsu, which is the result of the integration with Joy Global, now Komatsu Mining Corp. (KMC), and which is already recognized abroad. In this regard, the Phibrand General Manager, Cristián Mansilla, emphasized that “before, Joy Global was the company appearing in this category. The fact that Komatsu is here today, no doubt is due to strong brand support behind”.

Fernando Silva, KMC Underground Manager received the award on behalf of the Company, and was satisfied with this achievement. “It means Komatsu has already entered the underground mining area. We have already become a relevant player in this niche where we did not exist, and which was controlled by a few suppliers,” he said. At the same time, Fernando pointed out that “it means a recognition of well materialized effort and teamwork, due to the commitment to learn about the market, its requirements and the needs of its users. A unique and solid business model has been developed, of which they can reap great benefits and in which Komatsu sets an appropriate introductory strategy”.

In regard to challenges, the executive said that “this is just beginning. We want to have a 15% market share as soon as possible. We seek not only to be a recognized player, as up until now, but to have market share in our three lines of business. Also, we believe that we are bringing a new way to perform as an underground mining supplier, which will finally prevail in the market. ”

Finally, Fernando Silva took the opportunity to thank the entire team, which includes “our mechanics, planners, Head of Service, SSOMA (HSEC) department, Product Support, the support of the Company executives and the continuous collaboration of the Factory. This teamwork reflects integration.”

Andrés Bobadilla, Supervisor of Underground Service, and Christian Schweikart, Business Development Manager from KMC Factory, also attended the ceremony on behalf of Komatsu.

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