Our company was named after the city of Komatsu, located in the Ishikawa prefecture, Hokuriku region, Japan. Komatsu means “little pine tree” in English, and, according to the legend, it dates back to mid-Heian period (794-1192). In that moment, Kazan monk-emperor planted a young pine during its visit to the Hokuriku region, and where it grew was called “sono sin Komatsubara” (little pine field with gardens). This name was shortened to “Komatsu”.

Komatsu born from the Takeuchi Mining Industry, a Japanese company created on 1894 by Meitaro Takeuchi, who, considering that the main company’s activity was mining, though that it was natural to focus on that activity. Therefore, he stopped building dozing machines TMI manufactured to support their operations.

After this decision, on January 1917, Takeuchi delegated the fabrication of such machines to a third person, setting an example about specialization and outsourcing by setting up Komatsu Iron Works.

When “Iron Works Komatsu” separated from “Takeuchi Mining Co.” on 1921 to become “Komatsu Ltd.”, the first logo was chosen to represent the newly created company with a little pine tree. Our logo was modified several times throughout the years, however, it stayed closed to its original “little pine tree” shape up to the end of 90s, when it went through a major transformation, resulting in the current logo.

Currently, Komatsu’s logo is still the most basic design, representing the Komatsu brand. It reflects the reliability, stability and strength image Komatsu has. The well balanced sophistication of the logo, the unique “T” letter design and the deep Gloria blue color symbolize its corporate character and leadership in technological innovation.


Mr. Meitaro Takeuchi creates Komatsu. Komatsu city, Japan.


The first agricultural tractor was manufactured in Japan. After World War II, Komatsu started producing construction machinery.


The D50 bulldozer is presented to the market.


The company starts producing motor graders.


Dump trucks and forklifts are now produced.


First exportation to Argentina.


The first liaison office is settled in India.


Wheel loaders are created.


Creation of N.V. Komatsu Europe S.A. in Belgium, the first Komatsu’s branch abroad (from December 1989 is called Komatsu Europe International N.V.)


The excavators of the company are launched to the market.


Selling companies are settled in Europe, USA and Asia.


Komatsu reaches 60% of domestic market in Japan due to the commitment of it CEO, Mr. Yoshinari Kawai.


Komatsu do Brasil Ltda. produces the D50A bulldozer, the first Komatsu construction equipment manufacturing abroad.


Creation of Komatsu Australia Pty., Ltd. (Australia)


Creation of PT Komatsu Indonesia (Indonesia) (starts to produce on 1983)


Creation of Komatsu America Manufacturing Corp. (United States) Creation of Komatsu America Industries LLC (United States) Creation of Komatsu UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)


Creation of Komatsu Industries Europe GmbH. (Germany)


Established Komatsu Dresser Company in the United States.


Capital participation in Hanomag. It was later named Komatsu Hanomag.


Creation of the new group logo and publication of new principles. Creation of NS Komatsu Pty. Ltd., (Australia). (Komatsu Australia Pty. Ltd. from June 2001) Starts participating in the social capital of Fai S.p.A. (Italy)


Komatsu UK commercializes wheel excavators in Europe.


Creation of Applied Komatsu Technology, Inc., a company with Applied Materials, Inc. (United States) to produce LCD manufacturing systems (sold to Applied Materials in October 1999).


Komatsu Dresser 100%, subsidiary of Komatsu. Later, in 1996, it was renamed as Komatsu America Corp.


Komatsu Dresser Company creates the biggest dump truck in the world (930E). Starts to export the D41 medium capacity bulldozer, manufactured by Komatsu do Brasil Ltda., worldwide.


Creation of Komatsu Saigon Co., Ltd. (Vietnam). Excimer laser first sales as main lighting source of new generation systems. Creation of Komatsu Changlin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in China (from November 2000, its company name changes to Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Macinery Corporation). Creation of Komatsu Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (China). Creation of Komatsu Changlin Foundry Corporation in China (from November 2000, its company name changes to Komatsu (Changzhou) Foundry Corporation). Creation of FKI Fai Komatsu Industries S.p.A. in Italy (from June 2000, its company name changes to Komatsu Utility Europe S.P.A.). Laser cutting equipment sales agent and service contract with TRUMPF GmbH+Co. KGKG. (Germany). Creation of Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd. (Thailand).


Founding of Demag Komatsu. Later, its name changed to Komatsu Mining Germany.


Creation of Komatsu Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa). Creation of Komatsu Mining Systems, Inc. (United States). Creation of Komatsu Utility Corporation (United States). Creation of Komatsu Castex Ltd. in Japan (from the steel casting division).


Creation of Industrial Power Alliance Ltd in Japan to produce engines (in collaboration with Cummins Engine of the United States). Creation of L&T-Komatsu Limited (India). Creation of KRANEKS International Company Limited (Russia). Creation of Komatsu Brasil International Ltda. (Brazil).


Creation of Komatsu Middle East FZE. of the United Arab Emirates as supervising unit of the construction equipment area in Middle East. Creation of Komatsu Cummins Argentina Ltda., (in collaboration with Cummins Engine) as holding company of Argentinian construction and mining equipment distributors. Commercialization of the biggest mechanical drive wheel loader in then world (WA1200).


General collaboration agreement with Linde Group (Germany) to produce and sale lift trucks and related equipment. Creation of GIGAPHOTON Inc., (in collaboration with Ushio Inc.) for the Excimer laser area. Acquires Hensley Industries, Inc., a North American company that produces components for construction and mining equipment. It is decided to create PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia to produce track components for construction equipment.


Creation of Komatsu (China) Ltd., a holding company in China. The Oyama factory is the first to receive the “Zero emissions” certification among Japanese construction equipment manufacturers. Celebration of Komatsu’s 80th anniversary in Tokyo Big Sight with guest from around the world. Restoration of the oldest tractor in Japan. Commercialization of the HM400 gigantic articulated dump truck created by Komatsu.


Foundation of Newberry Manufacturing Operation to produce general-purpose equipment in United States. Five Japanese factories are “Zero emissions” certified. Creation of Komatsu Italy S.P.A. (Italy).


Creation of Komatsu Deutschland GmbH. (Germany)


Foundation of Komatsu Forest.


An intent-to-sell of Polycristalline silicon (ASiMI) to the Norwegian company Renewable Energy Corporation AS is signed. The construction of one of the biggest acoustic test laboratories in the world finishes. ECOT 3 state-of-the-art engines are developed to comply with emission standards.


PC200 and PC220 8 series excavators are introduced. WA600 6 series loader is introduced. D155AX 6 series tractor with avant-garde SigmaDozer blade is introduced.


Komatsu focuses in mining and construction businesses, representing 70% of its operations. Also, the electric hybrid forklift is produced. Mr. Mashiro Sakane creates Komatsu Way, the values of the organization, and delegates Mr. Kunio Noji, board member and senior executive, as its leader. Mr. Noji becames the new CEO of Komatsu. Creation of Komatsu India.


Fabrication of hybrid hydraulic excavators. Creation of Komatsu Manufacturing Rus. Autonomous transportation systems start operating in Rio Tinto mine in Australia.


Hydrostatic transmission forklifts are created.


The crawler tractor and hydraulic excavator with smart control are created.


Latin American expansion.

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