Tuesday June 18th, 2019

Launching of PC210LC-10M0 in Santiago: Komatsu introduces new version of its icon excavator

Santiago. With a showroom carried out at Lo Boza facilities, Komatsu Chile introduced the new line of hydraulic excavators corresponding to the PC 210LC-10MO equipment.

It is a differentiation that updates the PC200LC-8M0 model and its variants, which is one of the company’s iconic equipment being the best-selling in the country since it was introduced in the market.

During the presentation, Carlos Zapata, Director of Construction and Forestry of Komatsu Chile, emphasized saying “our new PC210LC-10M0 hydraulic excavator stands out because of a series of enhancements such as its bucket with a capacity of 1,2 m3, a power engine above 12%, percentage higher than the last models, in addition to improvements in maintenance, performance and a more environmentally- friendly equipment.”

Due to all these improvements, the executive said the equipment has been named as “Dantotsu” by the company, a Japanese term that means “unique and unrivaled” “And we are sure it will become the new Komatsu icon”, he added.

With 21 tons of operational weight, the excavator features a reinforced design of the work equipment, the revolving frame and the swing circle which enables to reach a greater durability.

Furthermore, according to the values of environmental sustainability and protection promoted by Komatsu, the manufacture of this equipment incorporated low fuel consumption new technology that makes it 20% more efficient than the last model.

The largest market for this hydraulic excavator is the construction industry, although the mining sector shows great interest to use it in earth moving operations.


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