Thursday September 6th, 2018

Komatsu receives plot to install a new remanufacturing plant in La Negra sector

Komatsu and the Ministry of National Assets subscribed the decree authorizing the onerous concession of the land where the Company’s future remanufacturing plant will be located in La Negra Norte industrial center, located 20 kilometers from Antofagasta.

The land –six hectares– was awarded to Komatsu after winning the tender invited by said ministry.

With an estimated investment of US$19 million, the new facilities will replace the existing ones in Antofagasta and will have the latest and most innovative technology in electrical, electronic and metal-mechanical recovery of components from extraction and loading equipment for the small, medium and large scale mining. Similarly, the infrastructure will be intelligent and sustainable pursuant to the high standards of the industry.

The new plant is deemed to be operating from the second half of 2020, generating about 300 jobs in its construction phase.

In regard to the aforementioned, the future plant strengthens the labor-market reintegration program aimed at imprisoned women, which has already benefited ten people since it started in 2012, through the Center for Education and Labor (CET) of the women’s prison in Antofagasta.

The ceremony was attended by leading state authorities such as the Minister of National Assets, Felipe Ward; the Undersecretary of National Assets, Alejandra Bravo Hidalgo; the Regional Ministerial Secretary (Seremi) of National Assets, Omar Farías Castillo; and the Provincial Governor, Katherine López Rivera, as well as Komatsu representatives.

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