Tuesday October 9th, 2018

Komatsu is part of the International Mining Congress 2018

The International Mining Congress 2018 (CIMIT) was held in Iquique on August 29th and 30th, , which included lectures and meetings with interesting keynote speakers, an industry fair, and business meeting rounds, involving mining suppliers and principal companies. Issues related to Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Mining Safety and Inclusive Mining were addressed in this instance.

Komatsu was present at the business tables, in addition to being present with a stand, which was managed by representatives of the Alto Hospicio branch of the Company: Freddy Ávila, Support Engineer at Komatsu Chile (KCH); Javier Moraga, Deputy Manager at Distribuidora Cummins Chile (DCC); and Pablo Helms, Lease Seller at Komatsu Rent (KCCA).

Daniel Alfaro, KCH Branch Support Deputy Manager, said the involvement was highly positive, reaching about 2,000 attendees, including mining specialist public and the general public. “For Komatsu, this was a great instance. We had the opportunity to approach our clients and the community, with a clear and consistent message, showing an integrated Company, with many capabilities to add to the economic activity of the region.”

It should be noted that this new version of CIMIT sought to promote the Tarapacá Region as a mining region both locally and in the rest of Chile.

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