Tuesday July 31st, 2018

Komatsu participates in Automining 2018

Hotel Santiago hosted the sixth International Congress on Automation in Mining, 2018. Two conferences marked Komatsu Chile’s presence. This encounter gives mining related organizations the chance to inform about their projects and innovations in respect of Control, Automation and Robotics systems focused on the development of mining operations.

The first Komatsu conference was “An approach to automatic learning and data analysis to improve mining operations’ productivity”. Its objective was to show the mining industry the works that the Company has developed using technologies, giving value to the use of information.

Cristian Bustamante, Deputy Manager of Technology, Analysis and Transformation of Komatsu Chile, said “both presentations aimed at showing the significance of using equipment data in real time to transform them into information useful to make assertive decisions and identify opportunities that increase productivity, protect assets and make operations safer.”

As well, Luis Alfaro, Analytical Intelligence Engineer of Komatsu and conference lecturer said: “this is a good opportunity to inform about our developments in terms of making efficient use of our equipment data and support our customers’ management processes.”

Hours later, the second Komatsu conference by Matías Benavides, Data Modeling Analyst of Komatsu Chile, covered the project called “A Knowledge Management Approach to Early Breakdown Detection and Efficient Repair of Mining Trucks”. “This project intends to manage the expert knowledge existing in the mine and take advantage of technological tools to inform technicians about the best ways to repair trucks efficiently”, Benavides said.

Automining brought together over 200 professionals from 11 different countries of the world throughout three days of presentations. A total of 64 presentations took place in relation with mining automation and focused on costs reduction and increase of operations productivity and safety.

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