Tuesday March 31st, 2020

Komatsu in Latin America present at Conexpo 2020

Conexpo is one of the most important construction trade shows on the planet, and it takes place every three years in Las Vegas, USA. In addition to exhibiting the most outstanding equipment in its construction range, Komatsu presented at the event the company’s future in terms of innovation and technology through an agenda marked by smart construction.

A delegation of around 200 people consisting of Customers, Distributors and Komatsu representatives in Latin America participated in Conexpo 2020 where the progress of the brand was announced in terms of innovation and technology to support our customers in their businesses. The instance allowed the interaction with partner companies in order to show the value proposition of Komatsu products and services.

In the trade show, some of the most outstanding models of the Komatsu construction line were exhibited, as well as new machines such as the D51PXi-24 and D61PXi-24 bulldozers –models that include the Smart Construction system-, which can be handled by an inexperienced operator, but reaching a level of precision and productivity higher than that of an experienced operator of traditional machinery. The PC1250SP-11 excavator (758 hp) was also on display, which features KomVision, technology that allows the operator to have a panoramic view.

Unlike previous versions of Conexpo, in this edition Komatsu promoted the new line of P&H equipment manufactured by Komatsu Mining Corp., which, despite developing equipment for the mining industry mainly, also has solutions for construction. On this occasion, the P&H 44XT blasthole drill was exhibited.

Finally, the event also enabled conversations with Customers and Distributors about extended warranties and service agreements, new and strategic projects to boost business in each territory of the region. In this way, the brand made clear, once again, the reasons for being a benchmark in the field through its offer of products and services, which was not only interesting for attendees, but also opened new opportunities for future business.

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