Wednesday July 25th, 2018

Komatsu, Cummins and Minera Los Pelambres enter into agreement to develop abilities of technicians of Centro de Formación Técnica Ceduc UCN

In accordance with the sustainable development of the business, past Friday June 22nd, Carlos Soto, General Manager of Komatsu Chile, Fabio Magrin, General Manager of Distribuidora Cummins, Mauricio Larraín, General Manager of Minera Los Pelambres and Carlos Sainz, Executive Director of Centro de Educación y Capacitación de Universidad Católica del Norte (CEDUC UCN), entered into a collaboration agreement to provide support to high-level technicians in Heavy Equipment Mechanics of  the Centro de Formación Técnica Ceduc UCN, Choapa Campus, Coquimbo Region.

The main objective of this initiative is to give technical training to the youth of the community and improve the quality of the mentioned studies program. In addition, this project aims at increasing technicians’ knowledge so that they can have broader work opportunities in the future.

The support given by Komatsu, Cummins and Minera los Pelambres contemplates a comprehensive evaluation of the curricular map of the mentioned program, training needs of teachers and analysis of the equipment and infrastructure currently existing in the Center. The final objective aims to improve the quality of the program given by CEDUC.

After signing the agreement, Carlos Soto indicated: “Komatsu’s mission in this project is to evaluate the current program and identify the opportunities to which we can add value from our perspective. The next step is to agree the conditions of our participation and take actions according to demand of the situation. For example, teaching specific courses or improving the quality of laboratories.”

On the other hand, Fabio Magrin said: “even though the objective is to strengthen the technical studies programs of the zone, this initiative will help low-income families to study programs that will promote their professional development but which are given by certain educational institutions that they cannot afford because of the poor economic conditions”.

Komatsu’s and Distribuidora Cummins’ employees will be responsible for the instruction and training of teachers. The objective is to develop and support the technical education provided at Centro de Formación Técnica Ceduc UCN, Choapa campus, and to generate value in the communities in which the Company is present.

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