Thursday July 4th, 2019

Komatsu Cummins adds electromobility to its logistic activities

Komatsu Cummins Group introduced its first 100% electric vans for logistic operations within the spare part green distribution plan for Metropolitan Region’s customers.

Two of this type of vehicles are going to be used to deliver products for more than 290 customers of 10 communes of the Metropolitan Region: Lampa, Quilicura, Colina, Huechuraba, Pudahuel, Santiago Centro, Cerrillos, Macul, Puente Alto, and San Bernardo. These vehicles will cover approximately 22,000 km without generating emissions.

A charging station was implemented in the Komatsu Cummins’ Lampa Distribution Center for this product-delivering model using electric vehicles. The vehicles can be fully charged in only 1 hour and a half during the evening or at night to be ready for the next day.

Darko Louit, Komatsu Cummins Chile’s CEO, valued the group’s initiative in terms of electromobility innovation in order to reduce emissions.

“We are constantly looking for innovations to achieve greener operations in order to have more environmentally-friendly production and operation processes. In this context, we designed a measuring, characterization, and impact-reduction strategy aligned with the measures took by Komatsu and Cummins’ headquarters. We are expecting to replicate this electric spare part distribution fleet implemented today in other offices across Chile, because is one of our strategy’s actions,” Louit stated.

Fernando Errázuriz, Supply Chain Director of the company, highlighted the intention to keep developing new ways to have more environmentally-friendly operations.

“Electromobility not only drives us to think in cleaner transportation, but also is directly related to greener industrial processes. The challenge we have in front of us is reducing our operation’s carbon footprint. Therefore, the introduction of these vehicles is a first step towards that goal and we are sure there will be many more projects involved to achieve it with everybody’s commitment,” Errázuriz indicated.

Sebastián Herrera, Metropolitan Region’s Energy Regional Ministerial Secretary, congratulated the company and stated that the effort to achieve greener mobility services has to come not only from the governmental institutions, but also from private companies.

“Electromobility actions taken in Chile prove the Metropolitan Region has a key role, focusing the majority of advances. This is highly relevant considering we are hosting the COP 25. From the Ministry and the Energy Regional Ministerial Secretary we want to congratulate Komatsu Cummins for contributing in the implementation of this technology in our country,” the Secretary said.

Spreading outside Santiago

The company announced the addition of two new electric vehicles for logistic operations in Antofagasta and the future implementation of gas-powered vans to further reduce emissions’ impact.

Together with the introduction of electric models, there is a fleet replacement plan in the spare part and component transportation core service in northern and central regions of Chile. 19 diesel cars with Euro V technology are replacing vehicles with older regulations, reducing 80% of particulate material pollution and 28% of gas emissions.

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