Friday September 6th, 2019

Komatsu presented the latest news on mining autonomy; new technologies, improved safety, and solution integration stood out

The company, nation and worldwide leader in autonomy within the mining industry, organized “The Road to Autonomy” roadshow, where the latest platforms of the area were presented.

In August, during the celebration of “Mining Month”, Komatsu Group and its companies, Modular Mining, Mineware, and Komatsu Mining Corporation, carried out “The Road to Autonomy” roadshow, with the participation of the most renowned actors within the mining world. Through different exhibitions and workshops, the medium and short-term innovation challenges were introduced to the attendees.

In this context, the Japanese company, leader in innovation and autonomous technologies in the mining industry, analyzed how the expansion of the “autonomy” concept will define the industry’s future, especially because it will not also improve the efficiency of the operations, but also their safety.

Darko Louit, Komatsu Cummins Chile’s CEO, emphasized that “the future of mining cannot be conceived without autonomy. The industry is moving faster than before in terms of this type of technology, mainly because now, with these operations, people will be less exposed to risky tasks, and the operations will be safer.”

Autonomy’s future

Komatsu has more than 15 years of experience in autonomy. The company currently has 100 trucks with this technology throughout the world, and 18 of them are operating in Chile. In this context, mines were able to see first-hand in this roadshow how farther transport systems can go with autonomy technology.

“The purpose of this workshop was showing what Komatsu is doing in these lines of work, with real examples of technology currently available for the industry. Today, we are trying to go fully towards autonomy, because we already have several parts designed, and we will be able to complete the puzzle in the medium to short-term,” indicate Louit.

Carlos Soto, Komatsu Chile’s CEO, about the current development stage of this technology, said “we are working on how we can integrate these product and service platforms available on the market with an independent offer. Our purpose is offering comprehensive autonomy solutions, with Komatsu’s experience in this area as backup.”

Rodrigo Cuadra, Modular Mining’s CEO, described the new challenges for the mining industry. “We foresee an increase in the adoption of autonomous systems, not only in Chile but across the world. This technology is not limited to trucks or transportation, but there are other elements involved in the process which are also being automated,” stated Cuadra.

The specialist added they are working on smart auxiliary equipment tele-remotely operated to generate “a comprehensive autonomous process including the majority of operators.”

This event also had technical talks, where attendees could resolve first-hand their questions about autonomous technology`s implementation and scope and a series of stands with demonstrations of the platform’s operation.

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