Friday December 14th, 2018

Komatsu climbed 15 positions in MERCO ranking measuring corporate reputation

This recognition was presented on the 9th edition of the Merco Empresas ranking, launched on November the 20th and announced through El Mercurio newspaper. 

After its first year of external communication work, Komatsu went up 15 positions in the Merco Empresas ranking and reached the 85th place among the Chilean companies with best corporate reputation. Komatsu also was awarded 2nd place in the machinery sector in this same event.

Evelyn Reyes, Corporate Communications Assistant Manager, declared that this achievement means we are on the right track in terms of the the external communication strategy implementation approved by the Communications Committee executives. “At the beginning of this fiscal year we developed a communications strategy which, after being agreed upon and approved by the Communications Committee, was strongly implemented. This progress is the result of that hard work.”

The Director of Corporate Affairs, Jaime Uribe, expressed his gratitude towards this recognition and stressed the value corporate reputation has for the Group. “This increase in our corporate reputation is very important for us, because it reflects our value propositions for our customers, employees and different stakeholders. Even though we still have a great challenge ahead, this recognition makes us very proud and encourage us to keep going forward”, said the executive.

About the measuring:

Merco is a ranking structured according to the perception different stakeholders have about major companies in our country. In order to achieve this, executives are first interviewed and asked to give their corporate perception about financial results, innovation, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, etc. Then, there is an assessment of the perception of organizations, professors, associations, financial analysts, and others actors, concluding with the analysis of the consumers’ perception.

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