Thursday July 11th, 2019

First Educational and Productive Center for the SENAME is opened in Tiltil

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Hernán Larraín, with representatives from the National Minors Service (SENAME, according to its initials in Spanish), UNICEF, and Komatsu Cummins Group, among other attendees, opened the first Educational and Productive Centre on June 21st for young people who committed crimes. This Center is located in the North Metropolitan Center, in Tiltil.

This project is a joint initiative by Komatsu Cummins’ Reinventarse Foundation and SENAME, with a Productive and Educational unit. The first one was implemented by Cummins Chile Distributor and has an electric harness recover workshop for high power engines, among other equipment, in order to improve the practical learning experience.

Out of the 10 beneficiaries who will receive this specialization, a group of them will have the possibility to be hired after their prison sentence ends. In this context, the educational unit, established by Komatsu, will be focused on training 40 young people annually in areas such as basic mechanics, forklift and skid steer loader operation, as well as welding qualification.

At the opening ceremony, Javier Maldonado, Chacabuco province Governor, Susana Tonda, National Director of SENAME, Carolina Lavín, the Regional Ministerial Secretary of the Metropolitan Region for Justice and Human Rights, Carla Leal, SENAME Regional Director, Carmen Luz Chaparro, North Metropolitan Center Director, Sayo Aoki, Deputy Representative of UNICEF, Fábio Magrin, Cummins Chile Distributor’s CEO, and Bernando Vásquez, Reinventarse Foundation Director, were also present.

Mr. Larraín valued this initiative and encouraged the private sector to follow this example and give job opportunities to incarcerated young people. From SENAME, Susana Tonda highlighted this formula and its capacity to be replicated in other centers.

Fábio Magrin, Cummins Chile Distributor’s CEO and Reinventarse Foundation Vice-President, emphasized on the fact that part of the people selected for this project will be hired afterward, giving them experience within the job market.

Reinventarse Foundation has been training 600 young people across Chile, including work training from Iquique to Cholchol, and is specially focused on the Metropolitan Region and Antofagasta. In the latter, a program with the city’s correctional facility is being carried out, specifically, with the Education and Work Center (CET, according to its initials in Spanish). During the time Komatsu Cummins Group has been implementing these reintegration programs, 96% of the beneficiaries are currently free, according to the last update on March 31st of 2019.

It is worth mentioning that the Educational and Productive Center initiative is added to the Government’s social reintegration efforts for young people through “Proyecto +R”.

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