Tuesday December 17th, 2019

Agreement renewal between Komatsu Cummins Group, the Chilean Construction Chamber (CChC), and Tiex aimed to help communities in need

The plan lends authorities equipment and machines to help restoring the critical structure of cities damaged by a disaster.

Komatsu Cummins Group, with the Chilean Construction Chamber (CChC) and the Transportation company Tiex renewed a cooperation agreement titled Disaster Relief. The plan’s aim is to support cities and regions stricken by a natural disaster or help in cleaning works.

The agreement seeks to lend authorities Komatsu Cummins’ machines and equipment whenever the State of Emergency is declared after a disaster.

Therefore, when the Disaster Relief plan activates, the company will make an inventory of all tractors, backhoes, hydraulic excavators or generators and give it to the corresponding authorities in order to use the supplies to restore the critical structure damaged due to the emergency.

The agreement includes the collaboration of Tiex, who will be responsible of the transportation of the equipment from and to Komatsu Cummins, and CChC, the labor-union organization who will be in charge of their accommodation and food requirements. The latter will also supply the fuel needed to use the machines.

Darko Louit, Komatsu Cummins CEO, highlighted the agreement’s signing and said “this is the renewal of an agreement signed on 2016 with the purpose of helping communities in need. The experience has been extremely positive, especially the communication between the organizations involved. We were able of strengthening our coordination processes, allowing us to better record this initiative start-up activation. We also had the possibility to expand this agreement in other emergency situations, such as road cleaning, among others.”

Patricio Donoso, CChC’s Chairman, valued the agreement’s benefits.

Marko Simunovic, Tiex’s CEO, emphasized that these agreements represent a real collaboration example between different participants: “this initiative considers all Chilean territory and, without a doubt, is the result of a virtuous work process between organizations. Our current society requires more commitment and solidarity. Therefore, private companies have to search for issues of general interest including positive collaborative work.”

The companies involved in this initiative have activated this plan several times since 2016 with positive outcomes. However, there have been several improvements to this plan, and one of them is the validation of the collaboration pact through this agreement’s signing, in order to directly benefit the community.

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