Thursday February 21st, 2019

Komatsu Cummins Group received the GHG Quantification Certification from the Huella Chile Program

Komatsu Cummins Group received a certification from Huella Chile Program of the Ministry for the Environment, whose main goal is to promote GHG (Greenhouse Gases) management in public and private companies in order to reduce the country´s total emissions. The ceremony was attended by the Minister for the Environment, Carolina Schmidt, companies from different sectors and a panel of national and international Carbon Footprint and Climate Change experts.

This award is given to organizations who manage their Carbon Footprint and are inspected by a third-party. “We are very pleased and proud for this acknowledgment received from the Huella Chile Program. As a Group, we are committed not only to comply with the environmental regulations, but also to take measures and actions to reduce the environmental impact our organizations have. Within this context, our Corporate Environmental Plan proposes managing the Carbon Footprint of the Group, aligned with the initiatives carried out world and nationwide towards reducing greenhouse gases” said Mauricio Shnaidt, EH&S’s Environment Deputy Manager, belonging to Komatsu Cummins Chile (KCC).

According to Paulina Bernaldo, Cummins Chile Distributor (DCC) Environment Manager, one of the biggest challenges was to consolidate the emissions information within a short period of time. “We did this in all our offices throughout the country, from Arica to Punta Arenas. After gathering the information, we reported it through the shared platform of the Group, which was subsequently verified by a consultant”, expressed Mrs. Bernaldo.

To Komatsu Chile (KCH), one of the crucial points of this effort was having the information on time and with the quality required. “We verified that the recollected data reflected a carbon footprint measuring as close as possible to the reality of our Company and all its operations” said Cristián Morales, KCH’s Environment Manager.

To Komatsu Reman, this achievement is a step forward in the work they have been carrying out for six years in terms of emissions. “We have been measuring and reporting the internal carbon footprint since 2012. When the challenge included all the Group, we delivered the information to receive the Huella Chile’s quantification certification. We hope to keep completing the stages of this program” explained Vivian Aguilera, EH&S Deputy Manager of Komatsu Reman.

This award strengthens the Group’s goal towards the future, through the consolidation of an environmentally friendly business. “This certification is very important for us because it reflects the development path we are in, where we want to take responsibility for the greenhouse gases emissions. The Ministry for the Environment has outlined a logic, quantified path, defining reduction programs and working to neutralize emissions. As a company we are in sync with this program because it complies with international initiatives and strengthens our commitment with the environment” emphasized Erick Kaempfer, EH&S Manager of the Komatsu Cummins Group.

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