Wednesday February 27th, 2019

Komatsu Cummins Group supports communities from the Norte Grande region during the emergency

After one of the heaviest downpours in recent history collapsed the infrastructure of the cities in the Norte Grande region, leaving hundreds of victims and the streets destroyed, Komatsu Cummins Group, driven by the commitment towards the communities where it operates, immediately helped the affected locations.

The first action of north-based offices of Komatsu was to donate 30 thousand liters of water to the #AllSupportingTheRegion campaign to help the affected people in Calama. This action was highlighted by the Regional Ministerial Secretary of Social Development of Antofagasta.

Human Resources, on the other hand, sent nylon sheets for the roofs and water bottles to the affected employees.

In addition, the corporate program “Disaster Relief” was activated due to the magnitude of the emergency. This program has Tiex Transport and Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (CChC) as strategic partners. Thus, with the provincial governments’ active participation through its Ministry of Public Works Intendants and Regional Ministerial Secretaries, five Komatsu machines were sent to Iquique and Antofagasta, where Tiex collaborated with the transportation, and the CChC, with operators and fuel for the machines.

The Cummins Distributor´s Power Generation division helped providing two generators for the Toconao community, in the Antofagasta region.

“It is essential for us to support our communities when disasters such as this occur. That is why we provide all the available resources which are extremely helpful in times like these.” said Jaime Uribe, Director of Corporate Affairs at Komatsu Latin America.

The equipment sent is distributed by region as follows:


– PC200 (Iquique) to be sent to route A-65, La Tirana.

– WA470-6A Wheel loader (Antofagasta) to be sent to route A-65, La Tirana.

– S450 Skid loader (Iquique) to be sent to the Camiña community.


– Dump truck 3336K 15 m3 (La Serena) to be sent to San Pedro, Atacama.

– WA500-6A Wheel loader (Calama) to be sent to San Pedro, Atacama.

– Cummins generator 220KVA (Calama) to be sent to Toconao.

– Cummins generator 120KVA (Calama) to be sent to Toconao.

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