Komtrax Plus™

It is a remote monitoring system for high tonnage Komatsu machines (mining and production). It allows to remotely access the equipment’s operation information and inspect major component’s status. It is designed to help reduce maintenance costs and to maintain an optimal availability and reliability. Key features and benefits:

  • Complementary maintenance management system
  • Reduces maintenance cost through the continuous monitoring of the equipment’s status and performance.
  • Safer operations with alerts when inappropriate practices occur.
  • Lower operation cost.
  • Fuel consumption management.
  • Machine hour’s registry precision.
  • Production data.

Access to the system:




It is the state-of the art monitoring system for Komatsu equipment and fleet in terms of wireless technology. User-friendly and with easy Internet access, the system can deliver the information when and where the customer needs it.

  • Shows all equipment with service meters (engine hours) and/or their location on the map.
  • Quick access to lists and locations of the equipment under specific conditions.
  • Work status list.
  • E-mail notifications or text alerts when the equipment registers critical data.
  • Machine control.
  • Caution history and regular maintenance display.
  • Monthly report.
  • Annual registry.
  • Komtrax Report (PDF).
  • Machine lockup.
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