Thursday September 6th, 2018

The National Safety Council rewards Komatsu for safety prevention

The National Safety Council (CNS), an organization that has the goal of promoting and creating a preventive safety culture in all production areas of the country since 1953, recognized Komatsu for its work in this field.

Specifically, the recognitions correspond to awards for achieving over one million man-hours without any accidents in various sites and operations in Santiago and other regions, where the 2 million of Pelambres site from Komatsu Chile and the 4 million in the administrative area from Komatsu Chile’s Operations Division stand out.

Darko Louit, CEO of Komatsu Cummins Chile, was invited to share a few words during the ceremony, in which he highlighted the importance of safety and the commitment of the group in this topic. “In our experience, we have local leaders, who are the ones who define the tone of the preventive culture in the various operations. They are responsible for visiting the workplace in a systematic and frequent fashion, providing positive feedback to employees, and are in charge of leading the investigation on incidents occurred, in order to capture learning that can be shared with the Company”.

Today, the Company operates under a single prevention model for the entire group. This model sets the best practices and standards for the areas in which the Company is present, aligned with a Culture of Zero Harm.

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